Released in early November 2018, this slot is quite simply the first multiplayer online slot game in the form of a shooter. It takes you on a “Quest” for ancient treasures buried in the Egyptian lands, with the army in front of you, and the “Wrath of Ra” that you and your playing partners will have to brave to unearth your treasures. The scenario is very captivating and full of action, there is a real adventure progression in the game, full of intriguing and even social features, with strategies between players (6 at the same time), all this on a 5X3 grid and in a 3D universe worthy of a console game.

The words of Annamaria Anastasie, the marketing manager of publisher Betsoft, already give you a taste of what to expect in this new slot. She explains that the combination of the best gaming technology, video games and social games with RNG (Random Number Generator) has allowed Betsoft to design a game that is unprecedented: a hyper-captivating slot with multiple social features, as well as a deep sense of player progression. 

From the outset, Max Quest: Wrath of Ra is based on a highly captivating storyline worthy of Hollywood mythology and fantasy films. The game is best played in the temple of the sun god, which has not been disturbed for thousands of years. But you and your intrepid fellow adventurers manage to break the seal of the temple and are ready to brave the mythical underground labyrinth of the temple in order to find the immense treasures of ancient Egypt. At the same time, the curse of the god Ra, who has also been dormant for millennia, has been awakened and is raising his terrifying army against you to prevent you from reaching these treasures.

In successive battles against the army of the god Ra, you and your companions (5) will have to cooperate, strategise and tactise against Egyptian gods, scarabs and terrifying mummies. It’s a multiplayer adventure, and you’re all in the same room, really seeing each other, and all playing in a very interactive universe. Betsoft really wanted to give players a new and very different gaming experience to what they’ve had for a long time. From the very beginning of the game, you already have the feeling of being in a completely different iGaming adventure from what you are used to, if only because of its multiplayer aspect, since no online slot machine had this particularity until now.

Action guaranteed throughout the adventure

Rarely have you experienced such excitement during a slot game with GNA! Your shots in Max Quest are as devastating as they are rewarding. Every time you pull out your gun to shoot the terrifying troop of fighters of the angry god Ra (hence the name “Wrath of Ra”, which hinders your quest for treasure), your bullet can trigger either winnings or a very exciting feature film.

Of course, the ball is your initial bet, and every time you fire one, it will always try to hit a target, otherwise it will return to the chamber with its bet. As you progress through the adventure, you’ll go deeper and deeper into the depths of a pyramid, and from room to room you’ll find immense treasures, not to mention those you’ll collect by slaughtering members of the god Ra’s horrifyingly tough army, who have the distinction of randomly popping out of the dust, so you’ll need to pay attention!

Special features and weapons to help you

To help you in this fight, you and your companions can rely on special weapons: shotguns, plasma pistols, grenades, laser guns and machine guns. To obtain these special weapons, you can rely on chance or on your own means. Special weapons can either appear randomly under the feet of the game’s creatures or be purchased by the players. For this second possibility, depending on your means, you can buy chests containing special weapons, the purchased special weapons being known only when the chest is opened. So you can’t know exactly what special weapon you’re buying until you buy it, but be aware that the more expensive chests will usually give you more ammo for the weapon you’ve bought.

Max Quest: Wrath of Ra also offers a number of interesting features to add pace and excitement to your multiplayer adventure. You will be able to take advantage of multiple social features (linked to the game in common with the 5 other players) which always greatly reward the efforts of cooperation between players; moreover, each player can completely customize his avatar for a total immersion!

Also, since each player’s contribution to the quest/adventure cannot be the same, the game has a leaderboard feature that allows special rewards to be given to the most contributing/important/strongest players. The leaderboard displays a ranking of the players, and the position of each player in this ranking is an increasing function of the number of experience points “XP” earned by each player during the adventure. The moment when the best player at a given moment in the game is rewarded will be decided by the casino operator. So don’t give up if you are at the bottom of the leaderboard at any given time, because the casino can wait for exactly the moment you reach the top of the leaderboard to award you a special chest.

In addition, another feature of the game allows you to earn more experience points and thus move up the leaderboard (with the benefits that this represents). These are called “Quests”: you have to find treasures during the course of the adventure, the most difficult treasures to find (5 stars) being more rewarding in “XP” points than the easiest treasures to find (1 star).

In addition, at the end of a game, a “divine event” may occur to reward you for your participation in the game. During this event, a random god appears on the screen (making all the other creatures fighting you disappear), and as soon as you defeat him with his guard, you will win huge treasure chests and cash prizes. So this adventure is exciting and rewarding right up to the end of the game.

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