Detective Overview

Played online, Detective is a popular theme for players.

Detective video bingo is a game of chance based mainly on luck. It is played with numbered balls and cards. These have different numbers that are distributed in different lines with different numbers on each. The main objective of the game is to fill all the number grids, thanks to the outgoing numbers. In addition to the main rules, Detective also includes various bonus games that should be considered in order to multiply your winnings.

Features of the Detective game

As a general rule, the game is mainly played through a bingo-based draw in which thirty balls are pulled by a drum that contains 60 balls. For this, the player has up to 4 with 15 numbers. In the event that a payout number is matched on a card, the corresponding winnings will be awarded from the payout table.

As far as the rules regarding the complementary balls are concerned, they are easy and almost identical to the classic bingo games that are played in physical casinos. Sometimes the punter is offered the selection to purchase additional balls for an additional fee. The highest payout will be awarded if the card is filled within the first thirty balls drawn. When a bonus that carries the number represented in the prize is cleared, the punter will have access to it in a bonus round.

The main bonuses must be taken into consideration by the player if he wants to multiply his winnings. Indeed, the bettor can get the first bonus if he manages to find the murder points. The final prize is designated by the sun. The second bonus can be obtained if the bettor involves a chase between a thief and a detective. For each round, the two characters move a random number of places. The win is awarded when the thief is finally caught or spaced. And the final bonus can be awarded if the punter manages to pick one of the suspects.

Flex Game Overview

If you like Play’n Go’s video bingo games, you’ll definitely enjoy Flex Game, which was released along with the Super Bola, Park Bingo and Hot Bingo titles. 

The Flex Game slot machine immerses you in simplistic graphics anchored by the classic bingo theme. The soundtrack, however, firmly supports this traditional bingo feel. Like its brethren, the game welcomes you to a blue screen where you’ll be asked to select between one and four cards numbered from 0 to 90. Each card contains 15 random numbers, represented in 3 rows of 5 different spaces. The game offers different ways to win with a satisfactory RTP of 95.5%. In addition, there is a low level of variance, which guarantees a smaller, but quite frequent, payout.

The game starts by pressing the play button. Numbered balls are then shuffled and displayed one after the other at the bottom of the screen. 30 balls out of 90 will be revealed and the corresponding numbers are automatically marked on the grids. Once the 30 balls have been released, you have the option to buy more via the Extra Ball feature. This will give you the chance to complete a winning combination. You can buy between one and thirteen balls depending on your needs and circumstances. The Flex Game will randomly award you 4 to 9 free balls. If only one additional ball is needed to win a prize over 200x the stake, Flex Game will unlock the 13th ball as a reward.

The Flex Game slot comes with a Tap Bonus feature that activates every time a player hits the perimeter pattern. It offers different options, allowing you to choose 6 icons to win a variety of prizes. If you hit a Bingo pattern with less than 30 balls, you will be awarded the jackpot. To do this, you must first activate all 4 cards and meet the minimum bet of 3 coins per card. Please note that the allowed bet on the Flex Game varies between 0.25 and 80 coins. This applies to both virtual and real money.

Sea Bingo Overview

Sea is the name of the number draw or bingo game offered by web casino operators. The game is available in free mode with no download and without opening a casino account. It is a very enjoyable and fun game for a very entertaining pastime.

At a glance, the entire Sea setting takes us into a wonderful underwater world. In the background, we can see treasure chests closed with chains and chests already open and overflowing with gold coins.

In the centre of these treasure chests is a shell that opens and contains a white pearl. As the betting sessions progress, butterfly fish species are seen scrolling across the background of the game.

How the game Sea works

Sea is played with four numbered cards. The numbers on the cards are to be counted from 1 to 60. The numbers to be marked on the cards are in the wrong order so that the bettor can have some chance of winning prizes. Before ticking the numbers, the very first thing the bettor has to do is to set his bet amount. With Sea, the bettor can easily increase or decrease his investment value.

As for the features, Sea offers game options such as AUTOPLAY in order to launch spins in an automatic way without interruption. The player can choose between 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500 or even unlimited spins. The prizes are awarded according to the number of correct numbers drawn by the black pearl which coincide with the numbers ticked by the punter. In this case, if he has an excellent predilection with all the numbers ticked on a card matching perfectly with the numbers drawn by the white pearl, he immediately pockets 1,500 points + the Jackpot. If there are 13 correct numbers, he will receive 500 points + Bonus 1, 13 correct numbers for 400 + Bonus 2, and 250 points + Bonus 3 for 12 winning numbers that appear on a single card.

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