Today, you don’t have to go anywhere to test your luck. You just have to enter your BetChan login and password and select the game. But visiting a land-based gambling establishment is even more entertaining. Such casinos use lots of tricks to attract new members. And these are the wittiest things they do. 

No Watches 

You would be surprised at how many people don’t wear watches. Naturally, the casino owners are aware of this and take advantage of the lack of watches. It’s like timelessness inside the casino – you won’t find a watch inside. If a person is passionate about the game, and there are no clocks around, he forgets about the time. A passionate person will spend more money than a visitor who will constantly look at the clock hanging on the wall. There is no change of day and night in the casino, it is always the same time of day.

No Windows

Another psychological trick. If there were windows, then the visitors would follow the change of day and night, and more or less be aware of the passage of time. But as mentioned above, the casino is always at the same time and it’s always nice and cozy. How can you not linger here, laying out a lot of money?

Besides, the casino owners don’t want to distract visitors from the game with the view out the window. People passing by would look in through the windows, and visitors would be distracted. Who needs that, right? Certainly not a casino.

Casino Atmosphere

The atmosphere of gambling establishments attracts people. Specific sounds that attract people, pleasant lighting, music. All this allows you to stay for a long time – after all, who wants to leave a cozy casino room? Besides, the employees are always smiling, no matter how tired they are, and the seats are very soft and cozy.

It creates a homely atmosphere and makes you want to come back again and again. And it is clear that a person who constantly spends time in the casino will spend more and more money.

Location of Services

In order to eat, change chips, you will have to make your way deep into the casino. Often the services are located as far away as possible. Why is this done? So that visitors make their way farther and farther into the “magic world” of casinos – the deeper you get, the greater the chance that the visitor will catch the attention of another gaming table or slot machine, and the person will stay. This happens often – a person has already decided to leave, went to change chips for money, but then he meets the next gaming table and lingers.

Free Offers

Free Offers

In reputable casinos, visitors are always offered something for free – free food, free drinks, free shows, for example. Why? So the person then gets the feeling that he is being taken care of. How can you not stay at a place where visitors are given so much attention?

And free alcohol is even a great way to get people to commit rash acts. For example, a man walks into a casino, thinking he’s just stopping by. Then he is offered a luxurious cocktail, and absolutely free. The visitor drinks the cocktail, the alcohol begins to turn his head, all memories of having to leave disappear. 

Bargain Offers to the Lucky Ones

It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes people win large sums in the casino. That’s when a person is offered a free room and lots of free services. Seems like an unnecessary expense, right? 

It’s not like that at all. After all, the person feels indebted to the casino, which provides so many good things. He doesn’t walk away with his winnings, he stays in the casino. And often it happens that such a visitor begins to spend money again. Let not all of his winnings come down, but still, at least part of his money is returned to the casino.

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