As soon as the game opens, the provider takes us directly to a vast expanse of grass. The freshness of the atmosphere is shown by the green colour. The only thing in the background are a few well-cut stone blocks that serve as paths.

The 4 maps have been designed in more attractive shapes. Moreover, they change colour according to the bets. The 15 numbers on top have more volume. Also note that the big ball in the centre is the container for the balls. We also have a game start-up that brings down the coloured balls in 2 rows. The location is personalised with orange cloud borders.

Rabbit Mania Features

  • Type: Bingo.
  • Minimum stake: $4.
  • Maximum bet: $80.
  • Software: Zitro Games.
  • Team Score: 4.2 / 10.


In addition, there are 10 extra ball slots on top of the big ball. Each animation is unique, and by the way, the rows with missing numbers are indicated by animated arrows, so that the player is not confused.

The game is indicated by small tables that display the winnings and the jackpot from time to time. And in the centre of the functions, the bet setting can be done by Bet, and the choice of cards, with the button indicated by the grid. The start of the bingo is done with the Play button and the spin button.

Before starting, we must choose the value of our bet. The credits range from 4 to 200 and the value for each is between 0.01 and 0.50. For this game, we have to play on a maximum of 4 cards, which can be changed on the OFF button.

In the action, a draw is made, first of all, with 30 balls. But we have 10 additional balls drawn one by one, which increase the chances of winning. Depending on the draw, the person fills in the cards, taking the model of one of the 12 types, offered above, in all colours.

The accumulated prizes are there to make us win large sums. But for this, some recommendations are to be followed. The individual will first play with 4 cards, making a bet of 3 credits for each of them. He must also complete a grid, when the 30 numbered balls are drawn.

Rabbit Mania has an additional game. To access this game, we simply need to complete the card in the same way as shown in the paytable.

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