Poker is one of the most popular entertainments of our time. In any, even the newest casino, which is undoubtedly Cookie online Casino, it can be found in different variations and configurations. 

But people sit down at the poker table for completely different purposes. For some, it’s a way to have a good time, for others it’s just a hobby, and for others, it’s a profession. However, there are those who go even further. People who want to write their name in history through their favorite pastime. 

Here are five Guinness Book records related to poker.

Longest Uninterrupted Live Poker Session

This record belongs to renowned specialist Phil Luck. He spent 115 hours continuously at the $10/20 blinds cash tables at the Bellagio Casino in 2010. The previous record was less than 75 hours and at first Luck planned to play 80 hours, but he got into the swing of it. Phil’s feat was watched online by 117,000 spectators and dozens of people directly in the room. In the end, Phil Luck not only set the record, but also finished the session with a nice plus of $6,766.

Longest Continuous Poker Tournament

48 hours 55 minutes and 58.5 seconds. That’s how long the longest continuous poker tournament in history lasted. The Manila Iron Man Poker Challenge was held in the Philippines in 2013. The winner of the grueling marathon was American Damon Schulenberger, who earned $18,240 for it.

Youngest Main Event WSOP Champion

Joe Cada also has his own page in the Guinness Book of World Records. This guy became the youngest ever winner of a World Series of Poker Main Event. He won the bracelet in 2010 when Joe himself was 21 years and 357 days old. Beating the achievement will not be easy, because only those who are over 21 are allowed to participate in the WSOP. In prize money, Joe Cada earned $8,547,042 at the time.

Highest Number of Sit & Go Tables Played Online in One Hour

This achievement belongs to popular French specialist Bertrand “Elky” Grospellier. On April 28, 2009 he managed to play 62 SnG tables in one hour. Elky had to finish the session in the black for the record to be fixed and he managed it. Although his profit was a modest $23.60.

Bertrand "Elky" Grospellier

The Highest Number of Hands Played Online in 8 Hours

This record was set and still holds by Randy “nanonoko” Lew. On May 4, 2012 in Canada, he played an impressive 14,548 cash hands in 8 hours. Randy played 25-40 tables at a time. Just like in the previous case, he needed to finish the session in the plus. At one point, Lew lost $1,200, but managed to break even and stopped at +$20.

BONUS: The Biggest Strip Poker Tournament Ever

On April 1, 2006, Paddy Power of Ireland announced its intention to hold such a tournament. It was only an early April Fool’s joke. However, so many willing participants responded to the idea that they really decided to hold the tournament. The World Strip Poker Championship was held in 2006 in London and brought together 196 participants. Each of them received the same set of clothes, from which they had to get rid of in the process. The winner of the record-breaking tournament was 32-year-old writer John Young, who received 10,000 pounds in prize money.

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