Roll the Dice 

The dice game is one of the most popular games of chance for casino players. It is easy to understand and creates good winnings if you win. According to the rules, the player randomly chooses one or more numbers on the table and rolls both dice. A single dice can win double the bet, which is what you will discover when you play Roll the Dice.

Developed by game publisher Evoplay, Roll the Dice is not just an ordinary game of chance, but rather a puzzle game that gives players the opportunity to test their probability skills. At first glance, there are 6 dice (ranging from 1 to 6 points). In the rule, the player chooses 3 dice from the 6 and then rolls the game by pressing “Roll”. If one of the dice chosen by the player is shown in the game result, the player wins the game. To do this, the player is asked to guess whether the value of the dice rolled from the cup is more or less similar to his bet. The “Autoplay” feature allows for automatic games of up to 100 rounds simultaneously.

The minimum bet offered on Roll the Dice is $1, which can be multiplied by 2 up to $100. It is possible to change the bet by clicking on the “Clear” option. The percentage of a minimum win is multiplied by 1.07. The more difficult the bet, the more you risk losing everything. For each bet made, the player is offered to click on “Risk Game”, an optional option that allows him to win up to 400 times the value of his bet. Each game is recorded in the history. This records the last few games with the value of the bet and the winnings the player has won. Other game options to be aware of are “Invert” and “Random” which are mainly used to increase the difficulty of the game.

Players who want to make their bets easier and collect winnings quickly can opt for small bets with approximate values. Although this procedure is effective, it is time-consuming and it is best to increase the difficulty of the game. A risky bet, but rewarding if you have a good hand.

Heads & Tails 

A low-strategy, entertaining game, Heads & Tails by Evoplay is the Instant Game that will change the lives of players. The simple act of choosing heads or tails on the coin toss gives the player the chance to win double their bet. Experience this game live by betting up to $1,000 by clicking on ‘Flip’.

In this coin flip game, each player has a 50/50 chance of winning or losing a bet. It is rare for a player to win the game twice in a row unless they are strong in probability and can risk losing. The rule is the same for Heads & Tails, the player chooses which side of the coin to bet on. The Heads side features a Roman warrior and the Tails side features a chubby gladiator with a villainous look.

The bet is from $0.01 to $1,000 with a winning percentage of x1.92. The player can either double his bet or split his current stake in half. For a $100 bet, the payout is multiplied by 1.92, giving a value of $192. Or for a $1,000 bet, the payout can be as high as $1,920 if you win. As for the probability of winning, the player must rely on the one-in-two rule and also on the game history. This feature allows the player to look back on their achievements and defeats so that they can predict or anticipate their next moves.

Once the Heads & Tails game history is accessed, the player is presented with 4 columns including game duration, bet value, win probability rate and demo mode.

Super Wheel 

Gambling publisher Play’n GO has some good news for all its fans. The provider is introducing one of its famous designs. Now it is calling on the hearts of players to enjoy other types of games. It invites you to join the other fans on a special entertainment: Super Wheel.

Play’n GO is always full of surprises. Apart from its slot machine creations (which are highly coveted, by the way), the developer is also building various types of entertainment. And Super Wheel is just such an example. Super Wheel is an excellent production from Play’n GO. If you like to bet on a wheel, then you will be delighted to participate in this edition. This game does not require any skills, and you don’t need to be a professional to play. The game is really easy. This ease of play makes this attraction more fun.

The design of this machine is very original. The Ferris wheel stands in the background, after the blue curtain in the background. The table for placing bets is located in front of the wheel. The green button to start the game is on the right side of the machine.

As mentioned earlier, the Super Wheel game is easy to play. When you start the game, you have to choose one of the seven betting positions that are offered to you. Note that these seven betting areas have different payouts. For the rest, you have to guess the winning number and spin the wheel. With a bit of luck, you will win. In addition, Super Wheel offers 52 segments. Regarding the payouts of the wheel:

  • Position 1 pays 1 to 1,
  • Position 2 pays 3 to 1,
  • Position 3 pays 5 to 1,
  • Position 4 pays 11 to 1,
  • Position 5 pays 23 to 1.

The two bonus games in this production offer 47 to 1. Super Wheel is a game that is suitable for very frugal players, as it not only has an average variance and a payout ratio of 92.31%. So you can have fun without fear of losing money.


Slot machines are the talk of the town these days. The entertainment is in vogue as there are several lucky players who became millionaires with this entertainment in August. In an instant, these players saw their future change thanks to a simple game. The growing popularity of iSlot is also due to the fact that publishers are coming out with new editions almost every week these days. New features, original designs and themes and, above all, attractive jackpots, are the packages offered by publishers to attract users. But what differentiates the one-armed bandit from other games available in game libraries is undoubtedly their ease of use. You don’t need to have any specific knowledge to play the software. Women and men of all generations can easily activate the reels. Then you just have to wait for the result to know the amount of money you will get if you win.

Instead of offering new slot machines like the competition does, 1×2 Gaming has decided to focus on a completely different kind of entertainment with its Cribbage game. This entertainment will be present in the card game section in the game libraries. The card game is quite easy to understand as you simply need to collect 121 points first. Normally, the game lasts about one hour. However, the tournament can be over more quickly with the virtual version.

Indeed, this new product will confront the Internet user with a virtual dealer. The dealer deals 4 cards and leaves a common card on the side. The points are divided on the basis of the highest hand. In other words, the participant with the most points wins the game.

This card game has a high payout rate of 97.2%. The minimum bet is $0.25, while the high roller can bet $100. Like many of 1×2 Gaming’s software, it is possible to play this game for free in a demo version. However, you need to have an account to bet real money. The program runs on PC browsers. It is also designed to run on Android and iOS mobile platforms. The brand new entertainment offered by the publisher is already available on several virtual casinos accepting French people as we speak.

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